Trubisky threw out a great first pitch….AND put Aaron Rodgers to shame

Audibles at the Line: Week 8. compiled by Andrew Potter.. Aaron Schatz: First quarter is fitting our profile of the Green Bay defense. They are much stronger against the pass (fifth in DVOA) than the run (17th), but struggle to cover the opposing team’s No. 1 receiver.. OK, the Broncos just took Rodgers out for a sack-fumble and safety.

Aaron Rodgers couldn’t quite finish his beer, but Mitch Trubisky seemed to do just fine. Source link. Leave a Comment Mitchell Trubisky throws out a great first pitch..with a little help from his O-line. mitchell trubisky throws out a great first pitch..with a little help from his O-line.

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Mitchell Trubisky has been compared to Brett Favre and aaron rodgers. First, the comparison was to brett favre. Now, Aaron Rodgers.. An NFL personnel director told me that Trubisky’s skill set reminds him of Aaron Rodgers entering the league. The similarities: The quick release, the arm.

Mitchell Trubisky apparently not only throws a fastball better than Aaron Rodgers, but he really beats that White Sox employee of the month who nailed a photographer with a pitch from hell. Trubisky threw out a great first pitch..AND put Aaron Rodgers to shame

One of the things about Mitch Trubisky that’s impressed Chase Daniel since he signed with the Bears is the second-year quarterback’s ability to regurgitate play calls, no matter the length or.

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In reply to Re: Audibles at the Line: Super Bowl LI by Will Allen Brady was insanely lucky with interceptions tonight. You mentioned the first half one, but there was also the DB who had a hand on the ball before Edelman, and his duck on the first play of the last drive in regulation where the DB fell over, and I’m sure I’m forgetting another.

Nagy expressed predictable optimism about the two sides being close: “I think we may I have no doubt in my mind that good things’ll happen. Bears quarterback mitchell trubisky threw out the.

After Hinshaw nearly throws the ball away on a pickoff attempt at second, Gordon puts a good swing on a ball and flies out to left for the second out. After Mark Ellis works a great first six.