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On this day a decade ago, Americans watched on TV as thousands died and life as we knew it took a sharp turn. On Sept. 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people were killed in attacks on the World Trade.

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What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say. There is a cautionary tale buried in Earth’s past. Some 56 million years ago, about 10 million years after the dinosaurs went extinct, a massive amount of carbon surged into the atmosphere, triggering a rise in temperature of 5°C.

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 · A man developed a severe infection in his ear canal from a cotton swab that spread to the lining of his brain. Above, a brain scan showing two abscesses (marked with arrows) in the lining of the.

These are the richest neighborhoods in New York | IOL Personal Finance Early in 1982, President Ronald Reagan arrived in New York City to speak with an. What had saved the city was “private initiative”-and this, Reagan was sure, Fund into a program of austerity, privatization, and structural reform.. they have been in a generation; parents in wealthy neighborhoods raise.

The bus crash ten years ago, caused by a woman in this country illegally, that took the life of our son, Reed, and three other precious friends, while injuring 14 others has lingering effects. As much as some people want me to say, lived, as in you lived through it , our children still face in the very real and in the present tense damage to.

The encounter stemmed from a shoplifting allegation in May and has led to a $10 million notice of claim made against the city. What we know about the viral confrontation between Phoenix police.