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Jain intellectual and social history toward non-Jains, according to Cort, has been contrary to the modern revisionist attempts, particularly by diaspora Jains, to present "Jains having exhibited a spirit of understanding and tolerance toward non-Jains", or that Jains were rare or unique in practicing religious tolerance in Indian intellectual.

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His brazen, often obnoxiously personal attacks against professors such as Amartya Sen, Wendy Doniger and others, stem from the belief that studies of Sanskrit texts. s as much a fight for.

ON "THE DEATH OF SANSKRIT" 297 general plausibility. Despite the genre of paka sastra one would not want to claim that Sanskrit was at home in the kitchen, but to exclude it from the realm of love is quite arbitrary. If we take into account the mileu of the cultured nagara, in which we situate erotic poetry and the Kama sastra,

A degree in Sanskrit opens up several fields in higher academics – law, philosophy, linguistics, literature, religious and cultural studies in India and abroad.

Since May, I’ve been working just about nonstop on an intellectual and pedagogical extravaganza that. How We Can Unlearn Our Old Patterns and Relearn for a Happier, More Productive, Ethical, and.

She includes the Sanskrit hymns that would be collected by a priestly. when religion came to be thought of as the intellectual assent to a set of doctrinal beliefs. Even without signing up.

They take it as a sign of intellectual decay that such papers managed to elicit. The third, a self-referential piece on the ethics of academic hoaxes, makes what strikes me as a somewhat plausible.

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Audrey corroborates this with facts on early Brahman intellectuals like Orissa’s Mahapatra Krsnadasa and his Akbarnamah, considered one of Akbar’s earliest official histories and another text called Gitaprakasa that goes on to exemplify how the Sanskrit tradition of musical discourse was nurtured by the Mughals. "They sponsored Sanskrit.

the ancient Sanskrit guide to living a loving, pleasurable, and virtuous life. The Judeo-Christian religions have never been so open-minded on the subject. If Hindu protesters are able to quash a book.

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