The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Little Known Defense In Foreclosures Of FHA-Insured Mortgages Highlighted In Florida Homeowner’s 4-Year Fight To Save Home

Little Known Defense In Foreclosures Of FHA-Insured Mortgages Highlighted In Florida Homeowner’s 4-Year Fight To Save Home In Jacksonville, Florida, reports on the story of Vickie Lewis, an area homeowner fighting a foreclosure action filed against her by Washington Mutual, and who has been living with the uncertainties of being in foreclosure limbo for the last four years.

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The earth is our only home. Let’s get out there.Understanding Seller Credits To Closing Costs A Seller Credit to a Borrower’s Closing Costs is a common way (especially with first-time home buyers) to reduce that total amount of money it will take for a borrower to complete a home purchase transaction.

Home Equity Theft Reporter: Some bidders who have purchased foreclosed houses at public auction are complaining about a "poison pill" embedded in the sale. If the auctioned house was foreclosed on by a homeowners association, some buyers end up paying for the house only to have it later foreclosed on by one or more banks.

Ray Baden of Bradenton awards $100,000 to 10 nonprofit organizations Elizabeth Grey-Pardo, Yonkers, N.Y.: Thanks for your article on Katrina. I responded to the disaster with a major relief organization, and think that if Americans truly realized how bad the government.The Home Equity Theft Reporter: March 25, 2007 Below from The home equity theft reporter 2007 archive: From a September 14, 2007 illinois attorney general press Release: Madigan’s suit alleges that florida-based mortgage assistance solutions, LLC, and its managing member michael thomas Stoller, of Beverly Hills , California , defrauded desperate Illinois homeowners who enrolled in its"Fresh Start" program by falsely promising to.

This anthology is dedicated to those who have lost their homes, who strive to. The Three Pillars of the Foreclosure Mortgage Crisis: Analysis and. PART II: Impact of the Housing Crisis: A Fertile Ground for Innovation?.. Equity as a percentage of home value. less able to save (linked to the third suit of cards, the debt.

Florida Vet Legislation Update 03 : Florida lawmakers are considering about 70 different bills that affect the state’s 1.6 million veterans. Some of the bills are "feel good" or advocacy legislation like the one that establishes august 7th as Purple Heart Day (SB276) and a few bills are aimed at directly helping student veterans.

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