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 · Dunedin, FL – Jim Ficken is not a criminal, has never been in jail, and is a model citizen in the town of Dunedin, Florida. However, the government intends to rob him and steal his home because Ficken’s grass grew too long and Ficken was unable to cut it.. The Institute for Justice will defend Jim’s constitutional right to be free from.

(Image courtesy Pixabay) The Institute for Justice is helping a Florida resident fight what he calls an excessive fine for having grass longer than the city of Dunedin wants. There was a reason for the long grass. Jim Ficken left his home early in May to attend to the sale of his late mother’s residence.

Jim Ficken, with the help of the Institute for Justice, is suing the city to prevent it from levying excessive fines for trivial matters, to protect his home, and to lower the $30,000 fine. The city of Dunedin began to fine Ficken last summer when he went out of town to manage the property of his mother, who had died.

7 days ago · If you thought HOAs were bad, don’t move to Dunedin, Florida, where letting your grass get too long could cost you your house. When 69-year-old Jim Ficken returned from settling his late mother’s estate last summer he was welcomed home with a $30,000 fine for letting his lawn get too long while he was away.. He’d even hired a handyman friend to mow the lawn while he was out of town, but.

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"The Institute for Justice will defend Jim’s constitutional right to be free from this excessive fine so that he can keep his home." Ficken, 69, is suing the city to end what IJ describes as.

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Institute for Justice sues Dunedin, Fla., over the $29,000 in fines imposed without due process over Jim Ficken’s unmowed lawn.

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