<big><b>Contact with Nordic Alien in USAF Uniform Whose Spacecraft was Photographed (videos)</big></b>

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Boyd Bushman, a scientist who worked for Lockheed Martin, claimed that aliens exist before he died on the 7th of August, 2014. He did this in a video that was posted shortly before he died. Boyd drew from his own experiences, revealing that there exist extraterrestrial beings in area 51. In an interview that is [.]

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Contact with Nordic Alien in USAF Uniform Whose Spacecraft was Photographed 05/26/2018 By Stillness in the Storm Leave a Comment ( Dr. Michael Salla ) On May 24, my anonymous source, JP, who has provided dozens of photos of different types of craft belonging to a United States Air Force (USAF) secret space program says he encountered a human.

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Alien BOMBSHELL: US Navy ‘filmed UFO that DEFIED PHYSICS’, former Area 51 insider claims A BIZARRE UFO that "defied physics" outmanoeuvred several F-18 pilots during a terrifying encounter, a.

The point is that if someone comes and claims that it is an alien spacecraft then is a liar, regarding that specific case. If you pose the question more in general, then there’s to discuss, but regarding this specific case there’s not much to say.

On July 20, 1965, the Soviet Spacecraft ZOND 3 took some of the first ever high-quality images of the FAR SIDE of the Moon as the Soviet space probe made its way to Mars. Because of the fact that our planet is ‘tidally locked’ with the Moon, the same side of the moon constantly faces.

The US AIR FORCE collaborates with Aliens: Incredible Photos of UFO and Nordic Aliens UFOmania – The truth is out there.. space and astronomy 2,113,130 views.