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For unmarried couples, there are three ways to hold title, or legal ownership, of a property. One person can own the whole property. Both partners can own the property as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, which means that two people share equal ownership and if one dies, the other becomes the property’s full owner.

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Married couples are regarded as a unit, and are satisfied with only one of the partners to qualify for the loan. Both unmarried home buyers are required to be on the loan, so one person’s credit history may jeopardize the whole process. Another possibility is to apply for the mortgage loan in just one partner’s name.

Perhaps the most common way for unmarried couples to take title to real property is as "tenants in common." Unlike a joint tenancy, a tenant in common has no automatic right to inherit the property when the other partner dies.

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Home Ownership For Domestic Partners and Unmarried Couples. by Andy Sirkin (10/3/11) How do unmarried couples and domestic partners typically hold title when they co-own real estate? Like a marriage, every domestic partnership or other non-marital relationship ends with either separation or death.

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How Unmarried Couples Can Co-Own or Take Title to a Home Mortgage masters group shopping super mall Corporate Housing As an unmarried couple, you both need to be concerned with a few things. When you’re applying for a mortgage, the bank or lender will require a credit rating from each of you.